CRYENGINE Importer Hub 0.5 update

Today I want to introduce you a new feature of my Importer Hub for CRYENGINE tool along with the 0.5 update which allow you to make a complete seamless workflow between the new Quixel Suite DDO and the CRYENGINE mainly useful for preview you work directly in the engine.


Zoom in (real dimensions: 1680 x 1010)Image

First, keep in mind that this feature is experimental and there are probably some places for improvements.

The DDO connexion acts as a watcher who automatically combines and import the textures created by the DDO previewer to a specified folder in the engine.
Currently the textures imported are the diffuse/Albedo, the specular map, the goss map and normal map and finally the displacement map.
Note that it’s not required to have all the supported maps in your DDO project, use only the ones you need!

Right now the best way to use it is to work with the DDO previewer and switch to the engine to see how it looks and possibly adjust your work accordingly.

You can also use the cross-app mode to work directly in the CRYENGINE editor but sometimes the engine have some difficulties to handle the refresh of too much textures in a small period of time so you will need to use the “reload all textures/shaders” command which can by a little annoying over the time. 


Zoom in (real dimensions: 874 x 738)Image

Step-by-step Tutorial 

  • Launch Photoshop and Quixel Suite and open (or create) a DDO project. You need to have opened the DDO previewer (3DO) at least once for your project.
  • Launch the Importer Hub for CRYENGINE tool and click the “Quixel Suite DDO” button.
  • In the new dialog window just opened, browse your DDO project XML file and enter the target directory (this is the directory where the final compiled textures will be saved) and then push “Start”.
  • In the CRYENGINE Material Editor, set up in the material you want to use the textures that have just been compiled (there are located in the target directory folder that you have specified).
  • And finally still in the metarial editor, make sure to have the diffuse color and the specular color set to 255,255,255 and the glossiness slider to 255.

And that it!

If you want to use the cross-app mode, just check the corresponding option in the CRYENGINE Importer Hub dialog and select the cross-app mode in the DDO option menu.


  • If one of your textures isn’t taken in account (i.e. your model have a red Replace Me texture or the glossiness is a solid 255 everywhere), use the Tool > Reload textures/shaders command in the Sandbox Menu.
  • The diffuse and specular maps can be used in as final textures however, the normal map can have some small artifacts so is recommended to use it only for preview purposes and export it manually when it’s completed.
  • This functionality have been made for CRYENGINE 3.6

v0.5 Changelog:
Added Quixel Suite DDO live connexion
Added a workaround to fix the issues with the CE 3.6 /refresh command
The clipboard save dialog show only the textures now
Various code optimizations