SHOKUDAI Temple - CRYENGINE Environment


My goal on this portfolio piece was to create a scene like it was part of an actual game level, this means that I have created the assets to be reusable, the level is quite large for this kind of exercise and I spent a lot of time on the optimization.

However, my main focus on this scene was the materials and the lighting, especially with all the changes made by the PBR techniques introduced in CRYENGINE 3.6.
Also, I don't wanted to replicate a concept art or a photo, but rather to build, piece after piece, the whole picture; this gives me a lot of liberty but it was also pretty challenging to get everything right especially with this mix between indoor and outdoor environment.

I have made all the 3D models with Maya and some of them have been white-boxed in engine with the Designer tool. On the textures side, I used DDO on some key objects, helped with the good old CrazyBump for the normal maps with everything else made directly in Photoshop.
In the meantime, I developed a tool specifically designed to improve the import workflow to the engine that I have enhanced with a live connection feature between the new DDO and the CRYENGINE. The Katana model wouldn't be as nice without it!

For the record, here is some stats: I have modeled 64 objects, created, a total of around 252 textures, 146 materials and I placed 127 lights including 83 ambient/bounce lights and 4 HDR environment probes.

In addition, I wrote a highly detailed 9 pages breakdown where I explain how this environment have been created, the switch to PBR and my philosophy regarding the lighting and the environment art in general.